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In response to great interest in our recommendations and numerous enquiries about the investments we recommend, we present proven and carefully selected locations.

  • Międzyzdroje

    Apartments in Międzyzdroje are an ideal place for all those who seek rest, a comfort zone, ultra-modern facilities, comfort of a four-star standard, or are planning a seaside holiday with their loved ones. Summer fuels life in this city, and numerous attractions attract tourists every year, not only from Poland.

    • Location
      By the sea
    • Type of town
    • Province
    • Bel Mare Resort

      The newly opened Bel Mare Resort complex with a water park by the sea is located in the climatic central part of Międzyzdroje, one of the safest and most beautiful Baltic resorts.

      • 254
        panoramic apartments
      • 600
        meters to the beach
  • Warsaw

    Warsaw is one of the fastest growing European real estate markets. The high demand for apartments means that new investments are being developed all the time in the capital city. Warsaw offers high-standard real estate, and the popular districts are not only those located in the city centre, but also on its outskirts and even in the suburbs.

    • Business Suites

      CO-OWN apartments are located in the heart of Warsaw’s Mokotów office district. They offer the quintessence of high living standards and world-class comfort. Ranging in size from approximately 50 to 70 sqm, the apartments vary in layout but have a unified style and furnishings across the network. Designed with the business traveller in mind, the suites consist of a living room, bedroom and separate study equipped with a professional desk, office chair, colour laser printer, broadband internet, multimedia connections, office accessories, as well as a sofa bed for additional guests.

  • Sudetes

    Houses located in the heart of the Sudetes provide peace and space, while not isolating the inhabitants from the surroundings. You can live in your own rhythm there: rest when you need it and quickly get to the big city and tourist attractions when you feel like it. Just 30 minutes by car to get to Jelenia Góra, Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz. These cities are rich in amazing monuments, eateries with delicious food and a great atmosphere, and interesting tourist attractions.

    • Green Peak

      The Green Peak project was created for people who appreciate closeness to nature, but do not want to give up comfort, modernity and luxury. Due to its appearance and the fact that the structure is based on wooden and glass elements, the house fits perfectly into the mountain landscape, not disturbing it unnaturally, but at the same time maintaining the modern character of the development. The houses, surrounded by forests and meadows, provide privacy and protect against the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city. The simplicity of architectural solutions translates into an aesthetic interior that will meet the tastes of even the most demanding tenants. The properties created as part of the Green Peak project combine functionality with comfort and stunning workmanship. The elements of the interior and the materials used for construction consist of only the highest quality and carefully selected raw materials.

      • 30 minutes
        by car from Jelenia Góra, Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz
      • 3 themes
        the possibility of personalizing the interior: Hygge, Skov and Kobber
      • Luxurious relaxation zones
        sauna and tub with water
  • Krynica Morska

    Krynica Morska. This town located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, on the Vistula Spit, is famous for its wonderful beaches, peace and amazing seaside views. On the one side of the land, we can admire the Vistula Lagoon, and on the other, the Gdańsk Bay.

    • Yacht Club Apartments Krynica

      Yacht Club Apartments Krynica is an investment proposal for people who appreciate the comfort of having their own property at the Polish seaside. The purchase of an investment apartment in Krynica Morska gives you the opportunity to rent all year round, as well as enjoy the charms of beautiful beaches and clean air. A weekend at the seaside, a vacation or a temporary change of residence become a tempting proposition for those who require more from life.

  • Szczyrk

    Szczyrk is popular mainly due to the extraordinary natural values of delighting tourists, but also from skiing. Many professional ski competitions are held there, but less advanced amateurs can also prove themselves.

    • Apartamenty Fort Hill

      Fort Hill Apartments are surrounded by greenery, close to nature and forests. This is the best option for those who want to take a break from everyday life, not far from Szczyrk, which is bustling with life, full of attractions and entertainment. The location of the Fort Hill Apartments was chosen not by accident. Everything was done to ensure that future guests were close to places where they would like to spend time actively. For sale 26 spacious, modern apartments of a higher standard, one and two-storey, located among nature. All with a beautiful view of the Klimczok range.

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